The first ever winter Masterclass and DF chooses French big fish super water Gigantica, in January! He expects a few bites on past winters form but actually smashes it to pieces. Never has he had a summer or winter session like it. His whole approach centres around the type of feed the carp want to eat in cold water without a maggot or a caster in sight. This section will revolutionise your winter fishing on any water.

Spooner tackles the biggest and most popular day ticket destination there is, Linear Fisheries in Oxford. He skillfully shows how different ready rigs can be used to catch just as many carp as any home made one, not on one water but three. If you want to get the absolute best from ready tied rigs or learn exactly how to fish a busy commercial water this section is a must see.

Danny and Darrell continue with their annual pilgrimage to somewhere special. This time back into deepest darkest Germany. Every aspect of Autumn angling is covered in minute detail from finding them, hot spots, baiting and of course rigs. These German carp are as special as ever and combined with cutting edge tactics this is essential viewing for any big fish angler.

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