This week we’ve added some cracking products to our online store.

Firstly, we’ve stocked up on more of the 5 pack waggler floats which are very popular. We’ve also added the NGT Large Bivvy Light / Power bank system which can be attached to the bivvies we also sell.

Another new product is the hook sharpener which are priced at £3.90. A simple little tool which keeps hooks sharp.

The NGT boilies throwing stick is also a new product we have, simply insert the 15mm boilies into the stick and throw across your desired spot on the lake or river, allowing a longer distance to be reached. (Left)

In the chairs & seatboxes section of our website you will also find a NGT Folding Stool with a storage compartment. These are great value for money and come in a Camouflage effect design and is lightweight.

Make sure you check these products out and see what else we have on our online store.

On Monday 31st December, we will also launch our new special deals for 2019!


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