Guide To Fishing

New to Fishing?

No worries. 

First off, decide what type of fishing you want to do. 

Most people decide to fish by a lake, river, or canal. These are also the most popular to get started.

 Now, we need to decide what type of fishing rod to use. Currently we offer two types of rods, telescopic which is where the rod is already fitted together and just needs to be pulled out to the desired length ( see our Trekker and Namazu rods) and the other type of rod is where it comes in pieces and requires being put  together in order to make up ( again, see our travelmaster rods). There are different length rods but keep in mind that if you wanted to fish by a canal that a small / medium size rod would be perfect due to how narrow the canals can be. All rods are different and will have different test curves and styles of handles, so this is also worth considering.

Once you’ve decided which rod to choose now we can pick a reel. Depending on what type of fish you want to catch, all our reels come spooled with a fishing line so they are ready for action! If you want to catch small fish, a small reel would be fine, however if you want to catch carp, we would recommend a larger reel such as a CKR50. Another thing to think about is what sort of line weight you want, we offer the following:

  • 6lb
  • 8lb
  • 10lb
  • 12lb
  • 18lb
  • Please contact us if you require spare Fishing line as we do sell this individually.

Other things to think about when purchasing fishing tackle are what type of bait you want to use. Bollies, Groundbait and artificial bait are all great ways of catching fish and depending on the situation, all have advantages and disadvantages. We can supply different types of bait.

If you are fishing for the first time, you may want to purchase some unhooking tools which will help detach the hook from the fish when you get a catch. An unhooking Mat for laying your catch will also be useful as this helps protect the fish whilst out of the water.

If you’ve spent a lot of money on your new fishing equipment, you may want to invest in a Carryall Bag which will protect all your fishing gear whilst not in use.

Probably the most important part to any angler‘s fishing trip is ensuring you have the correct fishing license, otherwise this could be very costly. To purchase your fishing license you will need to visit, where you will need to take time to read the information and make sure you meet the criteria. You can purchase a day pass which may be better if this is your first fishing trip, or they also offer an 8 day or 12 month license.

Speak to us about our starter bundles which we cater to our customers needs or email us at and we will be more than happy to help!